New bonnet, same old weather

One of the major cosmetic issues on the 200 got some time spent on it today, namely the bonnet racked by  bird crap burning through the clear coat.

One replacement bonnet later and she is looking much  more like it! The plan then was A wash and polish today but as ever the weather report of “dry all day” was a total lie. Still, another job done. On to the fast idle next!



Mondeo Man – A home for all of our car based rambling!

‘Something Exciting this way comes’

Such was the first post to be logged on the new site in March 2020 by founder, creator, CEO, Dictator, El Presidente….or just Andrew to his friends.

But he was right. What will follow in the coming days and weeks is a huge amount of car based…er….stuff. Cars have been an important part of our lives as long as we can remember. Some of my earliest memories are my dads Ford Sierra Sapphire and playing with toy cars on the floor. Then it became getting model cars from Christmas, Scalextric racing on Andrews living room floor (RIP Benetton F1 car, that radiator jumped out from nowhere) and the early foray into racing games. At least one of those topics will get its own section I can guarantee that.

After passing the dreaded driving test, which Andrew beat me to by a few years I have to say, cars became one of our major obsessions. Something that no matter what we were up to would always end up as the topic of conversations.

What will follow then is tales of success and of tribulation. Of building things, improving things, and sometimes of doing the opposite! Between us we have owned 9 cars these past few years and have a couple of interesting tales to tell. Really this is just a place to store our pictures, videos, memories and the like of cars and what they have meant to us. But to any visitors that somehow end up here, I hope something was worth that probably accidental click!

Each of the combined fleet will have its own page in time with some history and info, as will the major stories! Update posts on the little things will hit the site as we go. Enjoy!