BMW 328i

My BMW 328i
Prey silence please for the straight 6 engine that loves to pull out its best Tom Jones impression.

That was the first thing that resonated with me and this car was its engine note. I mean? Econobox? Turbo? Even Electric! Why?!? you have THAT engine note as you pop off to the shops to buy a tree and plant it.

…got to be carbon neutral, somehow.

That and it was 90s Nostalgia incarnate.

I felt as a drove it, my hair had grown into curtains and I’d pulled on my NAFNAF jacket and Spliffy jeans.

YES! the headlights are candles in jam jars

YES! In its old age, it drank more motor oil than a geriatric chugs cod liver oil to soothe the old bones

YES! The clutch was so heavy all I could do after a long drive was walk around in circles.

YES! The unaided anti-nanny state power train and a puddle made me cross my fingers and pucker my starfish

every… single… time…

But simply put, The car was Fast, Fun  and cheap.

Its a steak and wine experience in a day where everyone has gone vegan, calorie counting and quinoa is for lunch rather than cast aside as a second bottle of Châteauneuf is brought to the table

You Know it’s bad for you, but its lack of electronic tinkering brings back a raw mechanical element meaning it can be unpredictable, so should be respected.

Like when that second bottle is consumed things could go a little sideways. So buckle up, hang on and keep your wits about you!