Ford Focus

The Ford Focus Ebony was a limited run Focus together with the Chic, Black (pre 2002 facelift models) which outlined A higher spec for an affordable price.

Sat between the Zetec and ST170 in the pecking order of Focus models Ford had to offer. Such delights could be found as front and rear fogs recessed into the bumpers air conditioning in car entertainment was presented via a 6 CD changer (no mp3 support here) with the Ford CD6000 full black leather trim with a classic panther black paint finish topped of this package to make a stylish, nimble and refined medium hatch

The Focus was frankly revolutionary when it arrived late 1999 to replace the family favourite Ford Escort which had been a staple medium sized hatchback since the 1970s.

Sporting Fords ‘New Edge’ design it was the first in a line of cars to bring Ford into the new millennium.

New Styling, new engines and impressive economy and performance for the time.

The Ebony was only available in 3 door hatchback rather than 5 door. Solely using the Zetec 1.6 98hp engine.

With its independent McPherson strut suspension handling was both direct and agile leading to a sportier feel that the humdrum hatchbacks of the period.

The Focus in Ebony guise wore disc brakes on each corner which was somewhat a rarity for the standard medium hatchbacks of the time.

Finished off with distinctive off centre alloys only used on the Chic, Ebony and Black models.

My Ford Focus Ebony

My 2003 example of Ford’s 3 door hatch was my first car purchased back in 2008 from a family friend.

With this, there were many road trips and driving to and from work on the graveyard shift.

It was these times with the roads empty and the option of taking the long country route home rather than the m25 home that I’d grow to actually enjoy the awkward hours at work just to drive the long route home and really stick it in the bends.

A pleasure to drive and just enough poke to get you out of trouble whilst not breaking the bank in running costs and moderate insurance prices

This car would be a winner in anyone’s books. Sadly I part exchanged mine in 2011 after 4 happy years to try a German ‘premium’ Brand. An affair which was not without its woes.