Flashback to 2009. Driving lessons having been underway for a while my mind obviously drifted to the subject of the first car.

Many models were under consideration. Original Mini? Too small for me, no matter how much I liked that timeless shape. Saxo VTR? Affordable but insurance was high thanks to the pretty poor image. I’m fact a lot of 1.0 to 1.4 cars that I thought would be cheap to insure ended up being scarily expensive.

Fast forward to May 2010 and a first time pass. Now it was real, I had to sort out a car and get on that open road. The next few weekends were booked out, as visits to to the local car auction.

Wandering the aisles of cars, it was difficult to pick out what to seriously consider. Then, one Saturday morning, I saw and heard a contender

The MG ZR had been on my radar beforehand. Becoming MG Rovers best selling car in the early 2000’s I always liked the sporty image despite its boy racer vibes, and compared to the millions of Fiestas and such in the road it felt at the time like quite a left field choice.

The particular model at the auction that day was in a very nice cherry red colour (Nightfire 3) and thanks to an oval stainless exhaust it ticked the loud box! I saw it go into the auction room……and I didn’t bid on it. I didn’t have the balls to go for it as I was still getting used to the while scenario of auctions, but I came away feeling a bit down that I didn’t dive in for it.

Two weeks later I was back, this time ready to buy. I had my cash deposit and was just looking for the car to take my fancy. After wandering around with Andrew for a little while, there she was. The Red MG was back in the auction.

This time I was going to go for it, and a few minutes later I was throwing my arm up to bid. Next thing I knew I was the winning bidder, at £1,400 quid. Under reserve, but a quick call to the seller and it was agreed that the bid would take it and she was delivered a few days later.

My MG ZR 120+

After getting it home and doing some research (because no, as with every car I I have bought it wasn’t particularly planned and was basically sight unseen), i leraned this was the 120 version of the 1.8 K Series. It lacked the VVC module of the higher powered 160 model but had plently of pep for a first car. I quite quickly joned the local MG Rover club, and it wasnt long before the modifying began.

In a short space of time the interior had been swapped out for a full BRM interior from a Limited Edition Rover of the same body style, a lot more bling thats for sure!