Ford Mondeo ST200


Ford Mondeo ST200

Following Fords introduction of the ST badge with the ST24, they quickly realised that the MK2 could definitely handle an increase in power over the standard V6, and having tested the market for a sportier version they decided to bring out their new range topper in 1999.

The Mondeo ST200 featured an SVT (Special Vehicle Team) tuned version of the V6 Duratec engine, that increased the BHP from 167 to around 202 thanks to a reworked upper and lower inlet manifold combination, a new throttle body and a twin exit exhaust system.

The 200 also continued to use the secondary air system from the 24, giving it the same boost of power from 3500 revs and above. This version of the Mondeo also had a more sporty and firm suspension set up that the ST24, which itself was a more softly sprung beast than you would expect.

The 200 came as a Hatchback and the rarer estate and saloon models. Only ever offered in one colour option, Imperial Blue (apart from a very small run in white made for but never used by the UK police) it also included a full set of leather Recaro seats instead of the half leather versions from the ST24.

As with the ST24 sales were not massive, in fact this time across all three body styles only 4861 ST200’s were made with 1852 of those coming over to us in the U.K. The latest data shows only 286 now registered and on the road, so again not much chance of seeing one out and about.

A rare ST200 option offered at the end of the end of its model life was the ST200 Limited Edition Saloon. Only 320 of the Global number were Limited Editions (300 UK, 20 overseas) with some unique parts. Most strikingly, the interior was a blue and black combination version of the standard 200 Recaros, and the dash inserts, door handles and gear know were all finished in a glossy blue marble effect.

The UK models were due to be sold with a unique build number plaque for each however a number were not affixed. The plaques were supplied with the car for the dealers to “deal” with but not all were.

My ST200 LE Saloon

I picked up my 200 LE at the tail end of 2020, from a member of the Mondeo STOC forum. Although a high miler at 140K, she was in pretty good condition for the age and only really needed cosmetic work. The only things outside of this was the usual sill / arch rust, a high idle issue and leaks into the boot area.

The first major work was battling these leaks as the wheel well was getting pretty covered in surface rust. Both light cluster gaskets were replaced which has helped, and a nasty rust patch by the boot lock has been repaired pending painting. However we are still getting significant water in the boot so a new boot seal will be another replacement .

Three of the four weather strips have been replaced for new with a fourth to come, and some small interior pieces have been replaced or repaired. Most recently the rear brakes have been refurbed with a new caliper and the car has had four wheel tracking allignment.

Long term plans are to keep her standard but improve the overall condition, and hopefully to get her and the ST24 to shows once they are worthy!